Applications Of Mixed-Carotene

EVTene natural plant-derived food color

EVTene™ Natural Plant-Derived Color for Healthy Spread Formulations

Synthetic beta-carotene is commonly added to spread products in order to achieve a vibrant yellowish color that represents oils and fats.

With synthetic ingredients going out of trend, consumers now demand for products that contain ingredients that they recognize or plant-derived.

If you are looking for ingredients from food sources to reformulate your spread products, contact us today to find out how EVTene™ palm mixed-carotene complex can be incorporated into your products in a cost effective manner and deliver the same results, naturally!

EVTene™ Natural Plant-Derived Color for Food and Beverage

Natural mixed-carotene complex such as EVTeneSol™ is widely used in the food and drinks industry as a natural coloring agent with nutritional and potent antioxidant benefits.

EVTeneSol™ is a water dispersible mixed-carotene powder (derived from EVTene™ mixed-carotene complex oil concentrate). It provides a color shade of yellow-orange.

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