Mixed Carotenoids for Skin Tanning

A new study reveals that high consumption of dietary carotenoids increases skin yellowness (similar to skin tanning effect) and fasting plasma carotenoid concentrations. In this study conducted by dietetic professionals in Australia, 30 women were recruited and randomized to receive 7 daily servings of either high-carotenoid-containing or low-carotenoid containing fruits or vegetables for 4 weeks,... View Article

“Back to Nature!” – ExcelVite Introduces EVTeneSem™ The True Natural Mixed Carotene for Food and Beverages

World’s largest palm mixed tocotrienol complex and palm mixed carotene producer – ExcelVite is pleased to introduce EVTeneSem™, a cold water soluble natural palm mixed-carotene complex emulsion which serves as an excellent natural colorant for food and beverage applications. According to Innova Market Insights, clean label is no longer a trend but a rule or... View Article