Human and Labour Rights Policy

Dear valued customers and colleagues,

Recently, there have been news reports that the US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) has issued a withhold release order (WRO) for the import of palm oil from a Malaysian plantation company as of September 30, 2020, allegedly based on investigations that found malpractice related to human rights and forced labour especially on their treatment of foreign labour.

At ExcelVite, we hire local employees – even though the cost is significantly higher. We made that decision for various reasons as it is the right decision, in line with our corporate social responsibility and sustainability program initiative. ExcelVite does not tolerate any form of slavery, forced labour or human trafficking. With only local employees, ExcelVite is governed by Malaysian Employment Laws such as Employment Act 1955 and Children and Young Persons (Employment) Act 1966. Our employees are provided with free outpatient medical treatment at appointed panel clinic. For inpatient medical treatment, they are also insured under Group Hospital & Surgical Insurance Scheme. For employee’s welfare and wellbeing, employees are also insured under Group Personal Accident insurance scheme.

In addition, ExcelVite is both MSPO- and RSPO-SCCS (Supply Chain Certification Standard) certified, which has a detailed child and forced labour policy/criteria that we have to strictly adhere to prior to certification and subject to annual audit by the certification bodies.

We are committed to implementing and respecting human and labour rights and complying with all applicable Malaysian laws and regulations on this aspect. As stated in our policy, ExcelVite will not recruit minors / children (defined as those who are under the age of 15), or young persons (those who are under the age of 18).

ExcelVite is committed to upholding fundamental values and human rights, freedoms and basic standards of treatment for everyone without distinction of any kind – such as race and ethnicity, gender, religion, linguistic and other statuses.

Not only does ExcelVite abide by these standards, but all of our suppliers / vendors / companies that do business with ExcelVite are required to comply with criteria laid down in ExcelVite’s Supplier/Vendor Code of Conduct – in which include consciously refusing “forced labour, child labour, human trafficking, slavery and discrimination at the work place” and “not employing people under the age of 18, or in accordance to the applicable country’s statutory age limit.”

ExcelVite shall continue to engage our suppliers / vendors in communications about Forced Labour and Child Labour issues, as part of our corporate social responsibility and business sustainability programs.