Palm Tocotrienol Improves Lipid Profile, Diastolic Blood Pressure & Inflammatory Response in Metabolic Syndrome Adults

ExcelVite, the leading and only GMP-certified tocotrienol producer is delighted to share another new human clinical study that uncovers the link between EVNol SupraBio™ – patented and bio-enhanced full spectrum palm tocotrienol/tocopherol complex and reduction of LDL-cholesterol, diastolic blood pressure and inflammatory markers such as Interlukin-6 (IL-6) and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) among metabolic syndrome... View Article

Human Clinical Study : Tocotrienol (EVNol™) Enriched Facial Masks Improve Skin Moisture And Antioxidants Levels

ExcelVite, the leading and only GMP-certified tocotrienol and palm mixed-carotene producer, shares the results of an in-vitro and human efficacy study of facial gel mask infused with palm tocotrienol complex (EVNol™) in conferring facial skin moisturizing benefit. Among the many skin care product categories, the market for facial mask is still considerably small compared to... View Article