Brain Health, Oxidative Stress, and Vitamin E Tocotrienol (EVNol SupraBio)

ExcelVite’s Nutritionist CheeYen Lau contributed this article on how palm tocotrienol complex (EVNol SupraBio) supports brain health under various conditions – with research evidence. Brain Health, Oxidative Stress & Vitamin E by CheeYen Lau – November 14, 2016 The brain acts as a control center that regulates the human body’s biological events such as respiration... View Article

Tocotrienol for healthy skin

Find out how tocotrienol from palm oil helps promote healthy skin from the inside-out. Celebrate Healthy Skin Month with tocotrienol supplements and palm oil by Genesis Johnson on November 19, 2016 It’s only a few millimeters thick, but your skin is important. It protects you from dangerous bacteria and other pathogens, as well as shields your... View Article