EVNol for skin health

EVNol™ promotes skin hydration when you apply a face mask infused with this palm mixed tocotrienol complex.
What other new research findings to support beauty ingredient applications? Find out more from Nutritional Outlook – “Beauty Ingredients: New Research, Both for Topical and Oral Applications

Here’s an exerpt taken from the article that mentioned EVNol™ –

New research on naturally derived topical ingredients is advancing both preventative and antiaging efforts. 

EVNol is a full spectrum tocotrienol/tocopherol complex from ExcelVite Inc. (Edison, NJ). Extracted from virgin red palm oil, it boasts proven benefits for hair growth and improved skin characteristics when taken orally as a supplement. The newest research, though, supports previous findings that the ingredient also holds promise in topical applications. 

A recent study1 showed that a facial gel mask infused with EVNol not only hydrated the skin but also enabled transdermal delivery of tocotrienol. Twenty human volunteers were treated with the mask for 30 minutes, with skin hydration levels measured at various intervals up to 180 minutes. What researchers found was that even at the 180-minute mark, the mask was able to yield significant hydration results by maintaining about 50% of the skin’s moisture. Participants treated with a placebo, however, showed a significant moisture loss at just 30 minutes of mask removal. 

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