Since the FDA announced a total ban on the use of trans fat by 2018, many consumers and food manufacturers have started looking at alternatives.

Malaysian red palm oil is not only free of trans fats, it is also sustainably produced.

Why should consumers choose Malaysian red palm oil?

  1. Red palm oil is semi-solid at room (ambient) temperature with a melting point at 35°C (95°F) hence it is a good replacement for partially-hydrogenated fat (trans-fat). (e.g. Margarine made from palm oil does not need to undergo the hydrogenation process.)
  2. Unlike coconut oil which has about 94% saturated fats, sustainable Malaysian red palm oil has about 50% saturated fatty acids, comprising mainly palmitic acid and stearic acid.
  3. Unlike unsaturated oils such as soy bean oil, corn oil, and sunflower seed oil, red palm oil has lower tendency to oxidize.
  4. Red palm oil has high smoke point (stable at high temperatures) of 232°C (450°F) hence it is suitable for frying.
  5. Red palm oil has a neutral flavor that blends in with any type of cooking.
  6. Most importantly, red palm oil has a unique bouquet of phytonutrients/antioxidants, protecting the oil from premature spoiling as well as conferring it unique health benefits (i.e. functional oil). These antioxidants include vitamin E tocotrienols, alpha-tocopherol, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene (alpha- and beta-carotenes are provitamin A), gamma-carotene, lycopene as well as a bouquet of other phytonutrients such as phytosterols, plant squalene and co-enzyme Q10. Other vegetable oils, including coconut oil, do not possess such unique high quantity and quality of health benefiting nutrients.

An article published on WholeFoods Magazine (2015 August Issue) discusses various types of edible cooking oil available in the market, including Malaysian Red Palm Oil. Click here to read the whole article.

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Consumers might also be interested to learn that the benefits of red palm phytonutrients could be attained via dietary supplementation (in the form of a softgel capsule), without the need to consume a cup of oil – thus keeping one’s calorie intake in check.

EVSpectra™ Red Palm Oil Concentrate is 100 times more concentrated than red palm oil. It provides the same amount of phytonutrients (tocotrienol and mixed carotenes) from 2 tablespoon (28g) of red palm oil in just one 250mg  softgel capsule.

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