At the 2017 Palm International Nutraceutical & Cosmeceutical Conference (PINC) held in Kuala Lumpur, Prof. Dr. KH Yuen spoke with ExcelVite about the unique neuroprotective health benefits of the patented and bioenhanced palm tocotrienol complex (EVNol SupraBio™) and other on-going brain health research studies.

In this video, Prof. Yuen first explained the differences between vitamin E tocopherol and tocotrienol. Then he moved on to describe the unique neuroprotective properties of Tocotrienol (delivered through EVNol SupraBio™) in Pre- and Post-stroke conditions as shown by human clinical studies. Followed by revealing an on-going study that examines the effect of tocotrienol (EVNol SupraBio™) on beta-amyloid induced paralysis in C. elegans, vis-a-vis Parkinson’s Disease.


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