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Freedom Softgels supports healthy blood pressure

Westbury, NY—Freedom Softgels have been shown to help reduce blood pressure, according to a press release from Tishcon, makers of Freedom Softgels.

The Softgels contain eight ingredients, including Cavacurmin curcuminoids-cyclodextrin complex, EPAX fish oil concentrate, HTEssence hydroxytyrosol, EVNol mixed tocotrienols, AstaZine astaxanthin, Sonova 400 gamma-linolenic acid, organic hemp seed oil, and vitamin D3.

The study is to be published in Clinical Nutrition. It was conducted by Dr. Matthew Budoff and his team at LA Biomedical Research Institute Lundquist Institute for Biomedical Innovation at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

The study followed 80 individuals with stage 1 hypertension in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial. Researchers monitored blood pressure, endothelial reactivity, and key markers of inflammation, including C-reactive protein (CRP) and Interleukin-6.

After 30 days, researchers found a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure among those taking Freedom Softgels, as well as a significant reduction in CRP and a blunting of the increase in Interleukin-6. Researchers also noted a significant increase in the Omega-3 Index and improved endothelial function in the group taking the Softgels.

Raj Chopra, Founder of Tishcon and the developer of Freedom Softgels, said in the release: “It is both gratifying and an honor to have this independent study be recognized by Clinical Nutrition. We were thrilled by the study’s results, and having the results of the study published by this highly respected and peer-reviewed publication is a further confirmation of the benefits that our product can offer to the millions of adults who suffer the effects of hypertension and chronic inflammation.”

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