Due to the wide variety of delicious food in our country and today’s modern lifestyles that see many of us having it easier, leading somewhat inactive lives, diabetes statistics have risen. We’ve even topped the world chart as an obese nation. In 2008, a DiabCare study raised issues on diabetes-related complications – neuropathy, nephropathy and retinopathy – also known as combined microvascular complications or the 3-in-1 complication.

From nerve damage and pain (affects about 50% of diabetics where more serious sufferers experience lancinating pain and may need medication for depression as well as counselling); brain cell damage (that lead to White Matter Lesions which increases the risks of getting Dementia, Alzheimer’s and major Stroke); and kidney damage (10 to 40% of Type 2 patients suffer from this) – recent increasing interests in Palm Tocotrienols addressing diabetes complications have led to publications in medical journals.

Studies show that Palm Tocotrienols work on vital cells in the brain, nerves and kidney, exerting strong protective and recovery actions to cells, especially shielding and protecting cells from damage caused by high sugar levels. It has 60 times more potent antioxidant effects compared to the conventional Vitamin E and has multiple anti-inflammatory properties. However, as it is known that our bodies naturally poorly absorb Palm Tocotrienol, Suprabio a self-emulsifying delivery system (SEDD) is available, to ensure the body receives enough palm tocotrienols for a beneficial effect.

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Article Source : The Sun Daily

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