ExcelVite is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products while simultaneously working to ensure that the products are produced in a sustainable manner.

In our effort toward achieving a Sustainable Business, we are committed to maintaining a balance between the Economic, Social and Environmental sustainability around us.

Management Commitment, Policy & Governance

Sustainability Director YT Chan

“We recognize the importance to maintain abalance between the economic, social andenvironmental sustainability, we strive towards these three sustainability pillars while performing our task.” -Sustainability Committee Chairman, Ms. YT Chan.

Palm Oil Sustainability and ExcelVite’s Sustainability Commitment

ExcelVite is the leading and only PIC/s GMP-certified biopharmaceutical manufacturing company that utilizes Malaysia’s most valuable natural resource – crude palm oil (CPO) – for the extraction and concentration of health beneficial palm phytonutrients – EVNol™ natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex (Super Vitamin E) and EVTene™ natural mixed carotene complex.

While our business goal is to provide beneficial clinically-researched phytonutrients for the benefits of everyone and to make people feel better, we are mindful of the Earth, in that we need to take care of the environment via implementation of sustainability initiatives to ensure the entire value chain and production of palm oil is sustainably produced.

These are the WHYs of ExcelVite – the reasons ExcelVite existed. For us, it is the right thing to do for all stakeholders and the earth.

Being a user of palm oil and a member of the RSPO, we have embarked on a company-wide commitment to promote the production and adoption of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) and sustainable standards within our company and in our palm oil supply chain, since 2017.

In view of the increased demand for CSPO, we felt a strong desire to assist our suppliers, especially the smallholders (small scale oil palm growers), in achieving sustainability. There are about 650,000 smallholders in Malaysia who made up the bulk of the low-income groups in the palm oil supply chain and more often than not, they find it challenging in getting the MSPO certification or implementing sustainable practices due to various reasons such as cost, lack of skill, education, manpower, and etc.

As part of our commitment to promote the adoption of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) in the entire supply chain, we have recently (June 20th 2019) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with WWF-Malaysia to begin a strategic partnership whereby together with WWF-Malaysia, we aim to assist oil palm smallholders within our own state (Perak DR where ExcelVite is located) on their journey toward obtaining certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) certification, starting with MSPO.

Together, we believe that we can encourage and help more oil palm smallholders in achieving sustainability.

When we lift others up, we lift ourselves up as well!

We are also proud to share of another recent milestone – that on June 14th 2019, ExcelVite itself officially received the MSPO Supply Chain Certification after being audited and concluded as having complied with the MSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard, by the national audit authority – SIRIM (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia).

The three main pillars underscoring ExcelVite’s Sustainability Program are : Environment, Social and Economic

ExcelVite Sustainability Commitment
We recognise the importance in maintaining a balance between the economy, social and environmental sustainability.
The Sustainability Policy is our guide for ExcelVite’s current and future sustainability programs in achieving the Company’s goals.

Download : Sustainability Commitment | Sustainability Policy

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