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(怡保14日讯)原产业部长郭素沁表示,她将向财政部要求在明年的财政预算案中拨出更多款项给原产部用于棕油的研发上,发掘并向国人和全球宣导棕油的营养价值,以着实的论据反击抵制棕油的运动。 她今日参观ExcelVite棕油提炼厂和汇报会后在新闻发布会上指出,目前大马棕油局(MPOB)利用本身基金和政府的资助进行棕油研究项目,而为加大力度推销和发展棕油业,她认为有必要获得更多款项并与外国专家一起进行研究,也借此开拓棕油出口的渠道。 她指出,一些外国人认为棕油是低级的油类,其实红棕油比其他种子油如橄榄油和菜籽油等更富含营养价值,它含有其他种子油没有的生育三烯酚(Tocotrienols)和胡萝卜素(Beta-carotene)等。 她说,我国也必须极力研发棕油下游产品以提高人们对我国棕油的信心,包括即将于明年落实的B20生物柴油。她补充,印尼正迈向落实B30生物柴油计划。 建议培训导游当棕油大使 另外,她透露,她已于上周致函旅游部提议灌输和培训导游有关棕油营养价值的资讯,以便可向游客宣传,成为棕油大使。 大马棕油理事会(MPOC)首席执行员拿督卡尔亚纳认为,导游可协助向外国游客宣导棕油的益处,如提供他们以棕油烹煮的料理,从中推销棕油产品。 郭素沁稍早前在多名行动党国州议员的陪同下到访ExcelVite公司,并获得该公司董事何树生为首的公司高层接待。郭素沁也在现场试喝由该公司从棕油提炼成粉末的棕油粉末保健品,并表示这样喝棕油,好喝又方便。 出席者包括霹雳州议会议长拿督倪可汉、太平国会议员郑国霖、金宝国会议员苏建祥及大马棕油局总监阿末巴威兹。 郑国霖(左起)和郭素沁试喝棕油粉末冲泡的保健饮料。(图:星洲日报) 文章来源 : 星洲日报 2019-06-14

Increasing Use Of Carotenoids In Preventing Chronic Diseases to Upsurge Industry Demand

Introduction Carotenoids are defined as natural pigments synthesized by plants, algae, and photosynthetic bacteria. Carotenoids belong to a class of molecules consisting of more than 750 naturally occurring yellow, orange, and red pigments that gives color to several fruits and vegetables. Xanthophylls are oxygenated carotenoids, and include lutein, zeaxanthin, and others, whereas, carotenes are unoxygenated... View Article

Carotenoids: From (vitamin) A to zeaxanthin

The properties of many carotenoids are being studied, such as their pro-vitamin A and antioxidant activities; immune, endocrine and metabolic activities; and their role in cell cycle regulation, apoptosis and cell differentiation. Robin Koon | Oct 31, 2018 “I smell carrots a-cooking, and where there’s carrots, there’s rabbits.” —Yosemite Sam Carotenoids belong to the category... View Article

Natural palm mixed-carotenes: benefits beyond clean labels – Part 2

Admin: This is part 2 of the article published on Nutraceutical Business Review. (go to Part 1) EVTene™ is a natural mixed-carotene complex oil that’s extracted and concentrated from non-GMO Malaysian red oil palm fruit (Elaeis guineensis). One of its unique attributes is that EVTene™ has a similar carotene composition to that of carrots, comprising approximately... View Article

Natural palm mixed-carotenes: benefits beyond clean labels – Part 1

When looking in the dictionary, clean means free from dirt, stains or unwanted matter. Similarly, when consumers look for clean food product labels, they expect to find natural ingredients instead of artificial compounds, reports Bryan See, Business Development Manager, ExcelVite Sdn Bhd. Clearly, food and beverage manufacturers are heeding the consumer call to “Go Clean” as... View Article

Harnessing the Potential of Tocotrienol and Mixed-Carotene

Join ExcelVite at Ingredient MarketPlace 2017 this April 18 – 20, Orlando, Florida [Booth O34] Harnessing the Potential of Tocotrienol and Mixed-Carotene By Bryan See (email Bryan) Despite 5,000 years of recorded human consumption, many people are still unclear about the benefits of palm oil. Palm trees produce fruit throughout the year for 20 to... View Article