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Giving Up Palm Oil Might Actually Be Bad for the Environment

The trouble with the maligned crop isn’t its popularity, but where it’s planted. By Joe Fassler, SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE, MARCH 2016 The $40 billion palm oil industry is notorious for wiping out rainforests, displacing indigenous peoples, spewing carbon into the atmosphere and driving the orangutan and other animals toward extinction. But consumers who want to avoid... View Article

Palm oil, good or bad?

admin: Is palm oil good or bad? The authors of this article take a look at issues surrounding palm oil and encourage personal care industry to source certified sustainable palm oil. The reputation of palm oil is pretty bad. Although only a small part of global production actually flows into cosmetics, manufacturers are trying to... View Article

Is palm oil healthy?

Palm oil offers a unique, heart-healthy 50-50 blend of saturated and unsaturated fat. Plus, it’s loaded with nutrients, such as vitamin E tocotrienols. These antioxidants are up to 60 times more potent than tocopherols, the more common vitamin E form. This post was originally published on December 6, 2019 and updated on June 3, 2020.... View Article

Beta Carotene found in Palm Oil has many health benefits

Beta carotene is a fat-soluble compound that provides approximately 50 percent of the vitamin A needed in the typical American diet. This powerful antioxidant has numerous health benefits and may slow the progression of cataracts, protect the skin against sunburn and help prevent macular degeneration. The USDA recommends that adults should get between 700 and 900 mcg of vitamin... View Article

ExcelVite Signs MOU With WWF-Malaysia

The world’s leading producer of palm phytonutrients and palm methyl ester ExcelVite inked a strategic partnership with WWF-Malaysia yesterday (20 June 2019), to embark on a new chapter of its commitment to Sustainable Palm Oil. The signing of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the CEO of ExcelVite, Mr. WH Leong and the Conservation Director... View Article


世界领先的棕榈植物营养素和棕榈甲酯生产商益效维(ExcelVite)与世界自然基金会(WWF)马来西亚分部签署了谅解备忘录,开启了战略合作伙伴关系和对可持续棕榈油承诺的新篇章。 这份谅解备忘录(MOU)是由益效维首席执行官梁永鸿先生和马来西亚WWF 环境保护总监亨利陈博士在世界自然基金会办公室举行(马来西亚雪兰莪州八打灵再也)一同签署。 该合作涵盖了几项主要与可持续棕榈油生产承诺相关的目标。其中目的是协助益效维公司周边的油棕小园主在年底前获得马来西亚可持续棕榈油(MSPO)认证。 “世界越来越关注可持续性做法。棕榈油时常也因为现有的做法缺乏透明度而受到正确或错误的批评。作为一家负责任的马来西亚公司和棕榈油的买家/用户,我们就如我们的客户一样,尤其是消费者,特别关注我们棕榈油的来源和供应链的至关重要性,” 益效维首席执行官梁永鸿先生表示。 “很多人都不知道马来西亚有超过65万小农户/小园主。他们的种植面积占大约40%马来西亚棕榈的种植总面积。 很多时候,由于成本等各种原因,这些小农户/小园主无法完全实施可持续的做法和申报。 这些是整个油棕业的低收入群体。 因此,我们问自己 – 我们能做些什么来帮助和提升这些小农户/小园主的生计,让他们脱离贫困线。” “自2017年以来,我们已着手实施全公司可持续发展计划,其中一项举措是与马来西亚世界自然基金会合作,为益效维制定可持续发展目标和政策。 此后,我们成立了可持续发展委员会,以推动此类举措,并在公司内部根据世界自然基金会的指导开展了多项活动。 现在,我们在帮助我们的合作伙伴,特别是棕榈果供应商(即小园主们)实现可持续发展认证。 我们非常感谢马来西亚世界自然基金会的加入,因为他们能提供指导、协助和实现我们设定的目标,” 梁永鸿先生补充说。 马来西亚世界自然基金会(WWF-Malaysia)是一个国际环境保护组织,于1972年在马来西亚成立。除了开展各种环境保护项目外,马来西亚世界自然基金会还承担可持续金融,环境教育和宣传工作。 今天,马来西亚世界自然基金会的工作涵盖了更广泛的自然环境问题,包括政策工作,环境教育,公众意识和活动等方面。 马来西亚世界自然基金会表示, “我们很高兴能与益效维公司(棕榈植物营养素领先生产商)在可持续发展计划展开合作。 这就如马来西亚世界自然基金会的目的 – 鼓励和协助马来西亚公司实施可持续计划和做法来保护地球环境。” 由于马来西亚是世界上第二大棕榈油生产国,马来西亚世界自然基金会有责任确保相关公司以可持续和负责任的方式生产棕榈油,以免损害或恶化环境,确保我们脆弱的生态系统和野生动物受到保护,并且没有受到不利影响。 马来西亚世界自然基金会补充说: “我们希望能通过与马来西亚棕榈油行业的利益相关者和企业合作,实施可持续生产系统和做法,增加可持续棕榈油(CSPO)认证的使用,供应和消费来实现这一目标。 因此,该谅解备忘录是朝着实现更多可持续棕榈油(CSPO)生产和消费的方向迈出的一步。”

Identify the Healthy Oil

Dr. C Parvesh Kumar – I am here talking about cooking oil that we reuse for frying . There is a time limit in which we can reuse it and after that time it becomes hazardous for our health. By Daily Excelsior – 04/11/2018 Festival Season is upon us. Being part of it, we can... View Article

Carotenoids: From (vitamin) A to zeaxanthin

The properties of many carotenoids are being studied, such as their pro-vitamin A and antioxidant activities; immune, endocrine and metabolic activities; and their role in cell cycle regulation, apoptosis and cell differentiation. Robin Koon | Oct 31, 2018 “I smell carrots a-cooking, and where there’s carrots, there’s rabbits.” —Yosemite Sam Carotenoids belong to the category... View Article

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