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Palm Tocotrienol Improves Cognitive Functions and Regulates Brain Metabolic Abnormalities in Alzheimer’s Mice Model

Supplementation of palm tocotrienol complex is able to improve exploratory activity, memory and learning abilities of AβPP/PS1 double transgenic (Tg) Alzheimer’s disease (AD) mice. These results were based on a joint-study conducted by a group of researchers from the National University of Malaysia and Shiga University of Medical Science, Japan. Five-month-old transgenic AD mice were... View Article

Nutricosmetics: Opportunities to Meet Modern Health Needs

Nutricosmetics: Opportunities to Meet Modern Health Needs Discerning consumers are demanding unique products backed by supporting science. By Danielle Rose, Contributing Writer, Nutraceuticals World The market for ingestible beauty products has had a few starts and stops in Western markets. Is there still potential for growth? This article will assess the market direction for nutricosmetics,... View Article


文章来源:植提桥 新产品:ExcelVite推出全谱维生素E液体和粉末 美国ExcelVite公司日前新推出维生素E原料新品。据该公司声称,新品是目前市场上唯一的无大豆、非转基因、不含过敏原的全谱维生素E产品,含有所有八种构型的维生素E构型。新品目前有液体(EVNol-RP)和固体(EVNolMax-RP)两种剂型,可满足消费者对清洁标签、无过敏原原料的需求。 据该公司称,目前市场的大部分的维生素E产品是从大豆油中提取的,也可从其他替代原料如向日葵或者玉米中提取物。当然,维生素E也是可被合成生产的。而ExcelVite的两种剂型的维生素E均是使用了专有技术从天然植物油中提取的,而非合成。ExcelVite的事业开发部经理Bryan See称,新品符合最新营养事实标签规定对维生素E内容的要求。依据新的标签要求,所有的维生素E含量必须以mg为单位标注,而不是国际单位(IU)。这意味着,食品补充剂领域将有着极大的发展潜力,而公司也在进行科学与技术研究,以保障新品能够应用于更多的领域,并帮助制造商制定新的维生素E产品与全光谱维生素E声称,以符合清洁标签产品趋势以及FDA的规定。 当前,越来越多的研究支持了维生素E在大脑和认知健康市场中的潜力。此前欧洲进行的多项群组研究表明,维生素E可有助于保护老年人免受轻度认知损害,并有可能降低阿尔茨海默病的风险。这有助于开发商在产品中强调对大脑和认知健康的作用。 文章来源:植提桥

Neuroprotective Properties of Tocotrienol : An Interview with Prof. KH Yuen

At the 2017 Palm International Nutraceutical & Cosmeceutical Conference (PINC) held in Kuala Lumpur, Prof. Dr. KH Yuen spoke with ExcelVite about the unique neuroprotective health benefits of the patented and bioenhanced palm tocotrienol complex (EVNol SupraBio™) and other on-going brain health research studies. In this video, Prof. Yuen first explained the differences between vitamin E... View Article

ExcelVite Launches Soy-Free Full-Spectrum Vitamin E Ingredient in Liquid, Powder Forms

Article Source: Nutritional Outlook By Jennifer Prince, May 3, 2018 Palm tocotrienol, carotene, and palm oil supplier ExcelVite Inc. (Edison, NJ) is launching what it says is the only non-soy, non-GMO, allergen-free vitamin E ingredient on the market to contain all eight vitamin E isoforms—that is, all four tocopherols and four tocotrienols that comprise vitamin... View Article

The Three Great Eras of Vitamin E

Vitamin E products have evolved from a product based on alpha-tocopherol to complete formulas that are bio-enhanced, non-GMO and derived from vegetable oils. Vitamin E is an essential nutrient to support fertility and a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant, which protects cell membranes against damage caused by free radicals. It was one of the first two antioxidant... View Article

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