How does tocotrienol promote healthy aging?

(Admin: In the November issue of the Nutraceutical Business Review (NBR) magazine, ExcelVite contributed this article that explains how EVNol SupraBio™ help us cope with the aging process especially in cognitive and heart health.)



When compared with young adults of the same height, weight and level of activity, older adults have a lower energy intake requirement; but, the need for micronutrients such as vitamin E remains high.

However, reduced food consumption among the elderly results in lower nutrient intakes, which, with time, may lead to an increased risk of nutrient-deficiency associated diseases. In terms of vitamin E intake, alarming statistics of approximately 93% (females) and 88% (males) older than 50 were found to consume below the estimated average requirement of vitamin E by NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey).

This may indicate that the elderly population are jeopardising their health, as inadequate vitamin E intake could increase the risks of age-associated health conditions. As such, it’s time to shine a spotlight on vitamin E and, in particular, vitamin E tocotrienols — vitamin E compounds that have been scientifically proven to exhibit distinct health benefits that are not available from vitamin E tocopherols.

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